About me

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I am a final-year undergraduate student major in Computer Science at Tongji University, where I worked closely with Prof. Yin Wang and I will join the lab of Dr. Oisin Mac Aodha at the University of Edinburgh as a PhD student on Fall 2022.

I have a broad interest in most areas of computer vision, especially on representation learning methods, and the goal for my research is to build a causal 3D vision systems for understanding a scene and also be able to discover novel concepts or objects from the perceived visual data.

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing people, including Xin Wen, Siwei Yang, Rui Zhu, Quan Cui, Dr. Xin Jin, Dr. Adam Kortylewski, Dr. Kai Han and Prof. Alan Yuille.


Our workshop proposal “A Challenge for Out-of-Distribution Generalization in Computer Vision” (OOD-CV) is accepted by ECCV 2022! The workshop webpage is here. This workshop is co-organized by Dr. Adam Kortylewski, Dan Hendrycks, Prof. Dawn Song and Prof. Alan Yuille. A challenge will be hosted at the workshop with focus on our recently proposed ROBIN dataset. Stay Tuned for more informations!

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Research Topics

  • Self-Supervised Learning
  • Category/Concept Discovery
  • Robustness of Vision Models


ROBIN: A Benchmark for Robustness to Individual Nuisances in Real-World Out-of-Distribution Shifts Bingchen Zhao, Shaozuo Yu, Wufei Ma, Mingxin Yu, Shenxiao Mei, Angtian Wang, Ju He, Alan Yuille, Adam Kortylewski. ECCV 2022 Oral! (158/5803=2.7%) [website] [slides]

Discriminability-Transferability Trade-Off: An Information-Theoretic Perspective Quan Cui*, Bingchen Zhao*, Zhao-Min Chen, Borui Zhao, Renjie Song, Jiajun Liang, Boyan Zhou, Osamu Yoshie. ECCV 2022 [supplementary]

Novel Visual Category Discovery with Dual Ranking Statistics and Mutual Knowledge Distillation Bingchen Zhao, Kai Han. NeurIPS 2021 [code][slides]

Improving Contrastive Learning by Visualizing Feature Transformation Rui Zhu*, Bingchen Zhao*, Jingen Liu, Zhenglong Sun, Chang Wen Chen. ICCV 2021 Oral! (210/6236==3%). [code][slides]

Temporal Context Aggregation for Video Retrieval with Contrastive Learning, Jie Shao*, Xin Wen*, Bingchen Zhao, Xiangyang Xue. WACV 2021. [code] [slides]

Reducing the feature divergence of RGB and near-infrared images using Switchable Normalization, Siwei Yang*, Shaozuo Yu*, Bingchen Zhao*, Yin Wang. (*equal contribution) CVPR-W 2020. [code] [slides]

Distilling Visual Priors from Self-Supervised Learning Bingchen Zhao, Xin Wen. ECCV-W 2020 [code] [slides]

Characterizing Robotic and Organic Query in SPARQL Search Sessions, Xinyue Zhang, Meng Wang, Bingchen Zhao, Ruyang Liu, Jingyuan Zhang, Han Yang. APWeb 2020.


Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning with Semantic Grouping, Xin Wen, Bingchen Zhao, Anlin Zheng, Xiangyu Zhang, Xiaojuan Qi.

Academic Services

Reviewer for ICLR 2022 ICCV 2021 CVPR 2021 WACV 2021 SIGSPATIAL 2020 FGVC 8 TIP.

Academic Awards

  • 1st place in iWildCam2020 challenge of FGVC7 workshop CVPR2020 as core team member. [certificate]
  • 2nd place in ECCVW2020 VIPriors image classification challenge as team leader. [link]
  • 8th place in the 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge CVPR2020 as team leader. [link]
  • Top undergraduate prize at SpaceNet7 challenge NeurIPS 2020 as team leader. [link]
  • First prize of National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces. NOIP2015
  • Bronze medal of Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad. APIO2016


[Sep 2021] One paper accepted to NeurIPS 2021!

[Jul 2021] One paper accepted to ICCV 2021!!! and it is Oral!! Acceptance Rate (210/6236) 3%!

[Jun 2021] One first authored paper submitted to NeurIPS 2021, fingers crossed!

[Mar 2021] Three (co-)first authored paper submitted to ICCV2021, fingers crossed!

[Dec 2020] Our team receives the Top Undergraduate Prize in the NeurIPS 2020 SpaceNet7 challenge! [link].

[Nov 2020] Two first authored paper submitted to CVPR 2021, fingers crossed!.

[Jul 2020] Our team ranked 2nd in the ECCV 2020 workshop VIPriors Image Classification challenge, checkout our challenge [report] and [code]! [link].

[Jun 2020] Our team at Megvii Research Nanjing wins the 1st place of iWildCam2020 challenge of FGVC7 workshop inconjunction with CVPR2020 [certificate].

[Apr 2020] I have one paper accepted by APWeb 2020 conference.

[Apr 2020] Our team ranked 8th out of 57 teams at the 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge, our method is described in the challenge paper [here] and our corresponding paper [here].

[Apr 2020] I have one paper accepted by CVPR2020 workshop proceedings.

[Feb 2020] I will continue to be the TA for Prof. Yin Wang’s Deep Learning Course

[Sep 2019] I will be the TA for Prof. Yin Wang’s Deep Learning Course